About Us

About Us

We set out with the intention and effort to be the best of people, based on the idea that "the best of men is what benefits the people." the principle of aiding and serving to everywhere is another motto of our movement. It has become widespread enough to be daily information that people in today's world need a lot of help from a material and spiritual point of view. In today's world, where there are so many people in need of help, it is also understood from the demand for help that aid is not enough. Our assistance will continue sometimes economically, sometimes socially-politically and sometimes psychologically. As a member of this nation, as our ancestors did; after meeting all the needs of all people; meeting the needs of all living things, such as migratory birds and animals starving in nature in winter, are some of the meaningful activities to be done for us.

When we do these charities, our goal is that the left hand does not hear what the right hand gives. Based on the above statements, in order to know ourselves and to be one of the best people, we came together with people who had a clean heart and no intentions and implemented this association. We would like to take this opportunity to express our eternal respect and gratitude to all of our members, who have contributed to the establishment of this association and its charitable activities.

Our Mission

To raise generations who are respectful to values, attached to their culture, develop scientific thinking and questioning abilities, to protect people who cannot read due to impossibilities and whose education is incomplete. To deliver in-kind and financial assistance to all those in need that we can reach at home and abroad in a timely and healthy manner. To explain the necessity of reaching out to people in need not only in our country but also in different parts of the world. To organize seminars, conferences and to inform our people on different issues.

Our Vision

In line with the realization of our mission, to carry out studies to become a pioneer in Turkey and an exemplary non-governmental organization in the world.